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Amsterdam Gay Pride CD

The sound of gay pride 2013!

Canal parades, street parties, hedonism, sexual freedom, liberty and most importantly upbeat party tunes. Amsterdam already has a reputation for free love, sexual freedom and legalised highs, but when gay pride is on the agenda, there is no place as busy.

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Here’s 23 upbeat anthems starting off with a brand new Avicii track, moving on to early evening pop remixes culminating in peak-time euphoric synth classics.

I’m off to catch my flight. See you there!! 🙂

Track listing:

  1. Wake Me Up – Avicii
  2. Only Teardrops (Almighty Club Mix) – Jamie Knight
  3. Pandora’s Box (StarLab Club Mix) – Newton
  4. The Best (DJ Cut Up Mix) – Tina Turner
  5. Take A Chance On Me (Wideboys Club Mix) – JLS
  6. I Believe In You (Bimbo Jones Club Mix) – Hannah
  7. Don’t Hold Your Breath (Bimbo Jones Club Mix) – Nicole Scherzinger
  8. C’mon (Cutmore Club Mix) – Ke$ha
  9. Powerless – Siobhan Dillon
  10. Searchin’ My Soul (Almighty Fired Up Mix) – Jayne Montgomery
  11. Viva La Vida (Almighty 12″ Definitive Mix) – Cinnamon ft Alisha King
  12. Skyride (Cahill Club Mix) – Gabry Ponte Feat. Zhana
  13. Mama Used To Say (Club Junkies Extended Mix) – Mumzy Stranger (feat Junior)
  14. Heaven (Pete Hammand Club Mix) – Cam Tyler
  15. They Don’t Know (Sleazesisters Club Mix) – Katrina Vs Sleazesisters
  16. This Is What It Feels Like – Armin Van Buuren ft Trevor Guthrie
  17. Raise Your Glass (JRMX Club Mix) – Pink
  18. Summer Of Love (W.I.P. Remix) – Steps
  19. Save Tonight (Almighty Club Mix) – Jackie ‘O’
  20. Always Come Back To Your Love (Almighty Mix) – Samantha Mumba
  21. One Step Closer (Almighty Jelly & Cream Mix) – S Club Juniors
  22. Blow Me Away (Breeze And Styles Mix) – Lisa Abbott
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