Back to the 90’s

Album artwork for the Back to the 90's Mix

A blast from the past featuring some of my favourite commercial dance tracks from the 90s.

Dance music of the day was structured someone different than it is nowadays. Today most extended dance mixes contain an introduction of 32 measures making it easier to mix, but the tracks here are disjointed, of varied speeds and and incredibly hard to get beat match. It took a lot of effort to blend the tracks with lots of looping and hot cue-ing. I even had to get Captain Planet in to help me at times (not really!).In the end, it works really well and I’ve been enjoying listening to this for the past few days.

The latter half of the mix becomes more anthemic (as I get more and more drunk).

Track listing:

  1. Here Comes The Hotstepper – Ini Kamoze
  2. Gonna Make You Sweat (Clivilles & Cole 1991 Hip House Club Mix) – C+C Music Factory
  3. Wiggle It – 2 In A Room
  4. The Power – Snap!
  5. Show Me Love (Stonebridge Mix) – Robin S
  6. Finally (Classic Funky Mix) – CeCe Peniston
  7. Please Don’t Go – DJ Ross Vs Double You
  8. If You Could Read My Mind – Stars On 54
  9. What is Love (Klaas Impact Mix) – Haddaway
  10. I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred
  11. Everybody’s Free (7th Heaven Remix) – Rozalla
  12. The Rhythm Of The Night (Almighty Essential Mix) – Corona
  13. Believe (Almighty 12″ Definitive Mix) – Cher
  14. We Like To Party – Vengaboys
  15. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Glamma Mix) – Nicki French
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  • any chance of a cheesey 80’s mix as i remember having sooooooo many great nights at cruz 101 on a monday with the 70’s 80’s night…. hi fidelity , bony m etal lol

  • Iwas going to E mail you but i knew if i just let you do your own thing it would turn out great,AND IM SO GLAD I DID THIS IS GREAT THANKS , and you are my fav. dj thanks p. s, almighty has a lot of the 70 and earlie 80s stuff is great marvin c

    • Ive enjoyed the last 3 so much our taste in music seems to be the same thanks so much for all you do need to bring you to the states they would love you here thanks again and look forward to the next one . marvin c

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