The Best of Belle Lawrence – Part 3

The best of Belle Lawrence

The Best of Belle Lawrence - Part 3

Dance-Pop’s most iconic session singer! Belle Lawrence, real name Belle Erskine, has loaned her voice to countless productions under various guises. Capable of huge range, from gutsy powerhouse vocals to angelic whispers, Belle helps turn any track into a sensational performance.

You probably don’t realise when you’re in a club dancing to your latest favourite hit that Belle’s talents feature, if not as the lead then at least to the backing vocals.

A major feature artist on the Almighty Records repertoire, many of the tracks on this mix are dance floor originals from a career that has spanned (at least) the last 15 years. Belle is credited under various artist names, and finding out which tracks feature her was no easy feat! I’ve left the published artist name besides each track name in the listing for your reference.

Unlike my mix-set, ‘The Best of Deja-Vu Feat. Tasmin,’ which was (and only will be) one part, the fact that the best of Belle has taken three episodes of my podcast shows how good her productions are. Granted, it takes quite a skilled remix engineer to create a decent track, and vocals alone don’t make a top-notch track, but a vocal as elegant and adaptive as Belle’s go a long way to create a track so superb it warrants repeated plays!

I was going to list a few of my favourite tracks from this mix-set, but having listened to it a couple of times since making it, I really like them all. The mix starts of at a relatively low BPM of 123, moving up to a whopping 140 by the end of the 80 minute set – complete with the Hi-NRG riffs and melodies that you typically expect 😉

Part one and two of ‘The Best of Belle’ series have been one of the most popular downloads on the Mr Blue Lips catalogue to-date, and by far the few that I get most feedback about. I’m now pleased to present Part 3 (which will probably be the last ever!).

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