Big Room Mix

Big Room Mix

Album artwork for the Big Room Mix

A Big Room mix is a dance remix designed for superclubs. Large, multistory, high-capacity, high-profile nightclubs, such as Pacha in Ibiza, Studio 54 NYC, The Saint NYC and Heaven London.
Huge synths, pumping bass lines and sing-a-long lyrics – they’re perfect for an ultimate dance party.

The artwork for this mix is an image of me looking from the DJ box onto the main arena of the Heaven, London – Click to zoom!

The club was packed throughout the night. The adrenaline produced from the pumping beats, packed dancefloor full of hands-in-the-air party goers and incredible lighting effects never subsided.
One. Amazing. Night.

Track listing:

  1. Breaking Away – Offer Nissim Feat Maya
  2. We Shine (Christian Davies Remix) – Alex Saidac
  3. Summer Rain (Almighty Club Mix) – Matthew Morrison
  4. A Whole Lotta Love Run (WayneG & AndY Allder Mix) – Erasure
  5. Lift Your Head Off (Big Room Mix) – Ruff Loaderz & Cutmore Ft. Inaya Day
  6. Catch A Fire (Wayne G & Porl Young Atlantis Mix) – L.F.B. feat. Caroline Lund
  7. Express Yourself (Sleaze Sisters Anthem Mix) – Melissa Totten
  8. Night Of Your Life – Dreamette
  9. Living for the Weekend (Almighty Mix) – Dina Carroll
  10. Gotta Tell You (Sleaze Sisters Mix) – Samantha Mumba
  11. Love Devine (Almighty Mix) – Ron Purkov
  12. Dive In The Pool (Riche B’s Hard Mix) – Barry Harris
  13. Reason – Ian Van Dahl
  14. Ray Of Light – Futureforce
  15. Try – Ian Van Dahl
  16. Something – Lasgo
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