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Eurodance is a genre of music setting precedents among dance floors. Many modern tracks can track their roots to Eurodance.

Here is a second installment which I’m sure will get your feet tapping. Starting off with the unmistakable Bad Boys Blue and a modest tempo, getting through some classic vocalists, ending with up-tempo synth-filled pumping anthems.

Track listing:

  1. I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Remix) – Bad Boys Blue
  2. Tracks In The Snow – Grant Miller
  3. Ella Elle L’a – Kate Ryan
  4. Only Teardrops (Almighty Club Mix) – Jamie Knight
  5. A Miracle (Hot Shot Master Mix) – Shirley Clamp
  6. Crazy In My Heart (Digital Dog Remix) – Kamsliya
  7. Popular (SoundFactory Mix) – Eric Saade
  8. This Is My Life (Matt Pop Club Mix) – Hazell Dean
  9. Aquarius (Hot Shot Ultimix) – Nelson
  10. The End (Body Bangers Mix) – Reckless
  11. Read Between Your Eyes – New Londonbeat
  12. That Sounds Good To Me (Almighty Hands-In-The-Air Mix) – Natalie Browne
  13. Just For One Night (Almighty Mix) – Emin
  14. Euphoria (7th Heaven Club Mix) – Loreen
  15. I’ll Be There – Luca Zeta
  16. Rumadai (Topmodelz Remix) – Arsenium
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