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Album artwork for the Euro-Dance mixEurodance is a genre of electronic dance music originating back in the late ’80s in Europe and combining elements found in House, Disco and Rap. The principal feelings transmitted by a eurodance track circle around the ideas of love, happiness and partying.
Italo Disco and its later evolution, Eurobeat, are sometimes thought to be sub-genres of Eurodance, but rather they are offshoots of the European version of Hi-NRG, called “Space Disco”.
Eurodance shows a strong Hi-NRG influence, such as the high BPM and the strong use of female vocals. Eurodance can also be seen as a more technologically advanced form of Euro disco, just as Hi-NRG is the more technologically advanced form of Disco.

Track listing:

  1. Come Back And Stay 2010 (Almighty Extended Mix) – Bad Boys Blue
  2. Heaven Can Wait (U4IC Extended Mix) – Star Pilots
  3. Intoxicated (Matts Hell For Leather Mix) – Peter Wilson vs Matt Pop
  4. Fireflies (DJ Strobe Remix) – Owl City
  5. Single Lady (Static Shokx Mix) – DJ Layla
  6. How I need you (SK Remix) – Bad Boys Blue
  7. Built To Last (Bertelson Remix) – Melee
  8. Italienische Sehnsucht – Oliver Frank
  9. Any Time You Fall (Almighty Mix) – Emin
  10. You’re Not Alone – BWO
  11. I’ll Be There – Luca Zeta
  12. Libertine – Kate Ryan
  13. Until The Night (Euro Mix) – Bianca
  14. Set Me Free – MASTERBOY
  15. Enola Gay – OMD vs. Sash!
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