Best of Loading Bay – Vol. 1

Best of Loading Bay

Album artwork for the Best of Loading Bay - Volume 1Loading Bay Records was the personal project of Birmingham’s Duncan “Funky Dunc” Finlayson, who started the label in 1989. Duncan’s passion for Hi-NRG dance music, and his enthusiasm as a businessman, ensured that the label would be a success. With licensed tracks from Europe, the USA and Canada, Loading Bay Records’ catalogue reflected Duncan’s taste for the best in ‘high-energy’ and emotionally charged productions.

Duncan’s tragic death in November 1996 saw the close of Loading Bay Records.
Mike “Big Bird” Coppock, so called because of his towering gate, worked alongside Duncan during Loading Bay’s heyday; mixing, producing, DJing and even singing some of the tracks.
Mike Coppock was resident DJ in Rockies and Chains in Manchester 1988-1999, as one of the UK’s foremost Hi-NRG/Euro/Italodisco DJs. He worked for Loading Bay Records in Birmingham in the early 1990s, and began a collaboration with Andy Robins remixing and producing for the label. Together they remixed Barbara Doust ‘If You Love Somebody’ and produced songs for Vicki Shepard and Shot In The Dark.
Mike started Majic Records in 1992 and issued two 12″ singles of his own. He produced ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’ by Baccara and a number of other tracks for Loading Bay. Mike relaunched Majic Music in 1999 with CD single releases and an album.
He worked alongside the infamous Almighty Records remixing and producing tracks as well as promoting them through his own retail branch; Clone Zone Music.

Track listing:

Note: This mix is 00:12:05 in length.

  1. Fantasy Boy – Baccara
  2. To My Heart – Mark Farina
  3. Dance With Me – Claudia T
  4. Hungry 4 Fame (Wotabout, Wotabout He’s My Teddy) – Maria Gomez
  5. Touch Me – Baccara
  6. (Kiss Me) Divine – Mike Hemmer
  7. Cassanova – Dandy
  8. Jump – Eskimo
  9. Lay, Lay, Baby, Lay – Jayne And Jill
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