Best of Loading Bay – Vol. 2

Best of Loading Bay

Albuk artwork for the Best of Loading Bay - Volume 2This second installment is probably the best of the two megamixes by Mike Coppock. They’re both fairly rare, so quite a treat to get hold of.

I love how you can hear the vinyl scratching and the slight imperfections in the mixing. When this mix was produced everything was created from 12″ vinyl. There weren’t any computers to assist, no CD’s or intelligent decks, just pure unadulterated talent. Great mix.

Despite my research, I cannot seem to find out what has happened to Mike as of late. If anyone knows, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Note: This mix is 00:17:15 in length.

Track listing:

  1. It’s You – Sheila Stewart
  2. Forever – Susanne Meals
  3. Where Were You Last Night – Ankie Bagger
  4. Never Ending Story – Obsession
  5. Time – Samantha Gilles
  6. Somewhere – Vicki Shepard
  7. We Stand Together – Nick John
  8. Rofo’s Theme – Rofo
  9. Call Me – Samantha Gilles
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