Handbag House 8

Handbag House

Handbag House MixIt’s been a long time coming but the next installment of the Handbag House series is finally here.

Upbeat handbag classics and dance floor anthems.

Fresh for the new year, this mix is perfect for dancing away those January Blues.

Track listing:

  1. Tarzan Boy (Matt Pop Club Mix) – Amazonia
  2. Walk Like A Man (Almighty Mix) – Divine
  3. Brown Girl In The Ring (Matt Pop Beng-a-leng Mix) – Sleazesisters ft Patsy Griffiths
  4. Go West (Castro Boy Club Mix) – East End Boys
  5. We Have All the Time In the World (Northernbeat Mix) – John Barry
  6. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Northernbeat Master Mix) – Tight Fit
  7. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Almighty Definitive Mix) – Diana Ross
  8. Relax (Lockout’s London Mix) – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  9. The Best (DJ Cut Up Mix) – Tina Turner
  10. Cartoon Heroes (Metro’s That’s All Folks Mix) – Aqua
  11. Let’s Have a Kiki (Almighty Club Remix) – Scissor Sisters
  12. Tickles (Almighty Hands In The Air Mix) – Elin Lanto
  13. American Pie (Almighty 12″ Mix) – Who’s That Girl!
  14. Gloria 2005 (Almighty Mix) – Laura Branigan
  15. Love Train – Housebanner
  16. Do You Wanna Funk? (Wayne G Heaven Anthem Mix) – Jonathan Paul Hellyer
  17. O Superman (Almighty Mix) – Who’s That Girl!
  18. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Almighty Mix) – Obsession
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