Hard Mix


The chunkiest, sexiest music. Originally planned for the bath houses and sauna’s of Manchester, this mix will leave you feeling pumped up, sexual and ready for something beyond the dance floor.

Track listing:

  1. Faith (DJ Ross Alexander Club Mix) – Bliss Inc. Feat. Carlotta Chad
  2. Keep Warm (Almighty Mix) – Jinny
  3. Don’t Go (The 6 Minutes To Go Mix) – New Emotion
  4. Popcorn (Almighty Mix) – Kia
  5. Bitch – Ralphi Rosario Feat. Stewart
  6. Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper Mix) – The O.T. Quartet
  7. Put The Needle On It (Nevins Club Mix) – Dannii Minogue
  8. We Live for the Music (Tiesto Remix) – Robbie Rivera Feat. Jerique Allan
  9. Revolution (7th Heaven Club Mix) – Rich B, Marcella Puppini
  10. Amana – Dave Lambert Ft. Stanford
  11. Don’t Make Me Wait – 7th Heaven feat. Donna Gardier
  12. Time – Samantha Gilles
  13. Can’t Help Myself (Dave Aude Club Mix) – Kaci Battaglia
  14. (I Wanna) Feel The Heat – Alex M
  15. In the Air Tonight (Chris Thomas USA Mix) – Elena Santana
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