Load This! The Very Best of Loading Bay – Part 1

The Best of Loading Bay

Album artwork for the Best of Loading Bay

Recently I have been able to get hold of nearly the entire Loading Bay catalogue. So, for the first time Loading Bay hits are in crystal clear digital quality and available here.

I don’t claim to be the expert mixer that Mike Coppock was (far from it!) but I have certainly given it a go. There are tonnes of tracks to choose from, and as most of them don’t include a mix beat, let alone the structure to include teasing elements, it was pretty difficult to keep the fluidity going.
For this initial instalment I have chosen the tracks for which I know are Loading Bay’s most prolific; ‘Where Were You Last Night’ is epic, and probably one of my favourite tracks ever – if you have other mixes of this, including remixes of the original by Ankie Baggar, I’d be interested in hearing from you!!
Loading Bay really was the origin of modern dance music.
I really like the tracks in this mix and plan on another one, with enhancements, surprises and teases – watch this space.

Track listing:

  1. Somewhere (Mike Coppock Mix) – Vicki Shepard
  2. Forever (Remix) – Suzanne Meals
  3. Casanova – Dandy
  4. Carry On (Remastered 12″) – Jenny Kee
  5. To My Heart – Mark Farina
  6. Even If You Say (Remastered 12″) – Nilla Backman
  7. Divine – Mike Hemmer
  8. You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Mike Coppock Supreme Mix) – Hanna & Her Sisters
  9. Jump (Remastered 12″ Mix) – Eskimo
  10. Where Were You Last Night (Mike Coppock Mix) – Tracey Cole
  11. S.O.S. (Remastered 12″ Mix) – Les Blue Belles
  12. Time After Time (Mike Coppock Mix) – Paul Parker
  13. Thank You For Being A Friend (Remastered 12″) – Golden Girls

Don’t forget to check out the other Loading Bay mix-sets available on this podcast.

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