Sunshine Anthems 1

Mr Blue Lips Sunshine Anthems

The album artwork for the Sundshine Anthems series

The recent unexpectedly warm weather where I live has encouraged me to make this mix. I actually made this just for my house to play during the day whilst I’m pottering about cleaning/doing the garden etc, with no intention of posting it here, but I actually really like it.

Dance music doesn’t have to always be a hands-in-the-air synth-a-thon. Drop the tempo a couple of beats per minute, and with the right tracks you have yourself some happy chilled-out vibes.

Soothing female vocals, piano riffs, a hearty backbeat, sunshine, shades and a smooth drink – An equation to the perfect Sunday afternoon.
This really works.

Track listing:

  1. I Wanna Love You Forever (Soul Solution Mix) – Jessica Simpson
  2. Hideaway (7th Heaven Club Mix) – De’Lacy
  3. Love Hangover (Almighty Anthem Club Mix) – Diana Ross
  4. Put Yourself In My Place (Almighty Mix) – Almighty Showgirls
  5. Goodbye (7th Heaven Mirrorball Mix) – Hi On Life feat. Joniece
  6. Be Without You (Moto Blanco Mix) – Mary J. Blige
  7. By My Side (7th Heaven Mix) – Flanders
  8. Up To The Stars (Extended Mix) – Verona
  9. Never (7th Heaven Club Mix) – Kristine W
  10. I Want To Know What Love Is (Nu Addiction Mix) – Mariah Carey
  11. The Way Love Goes (Cahill Club Mix) – Lemar
  12. Liquid Love (Almighty “When Love Takes Over” Mix) – Madonna
  13. Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand) (Almighty Definitive Mix) – Diana Ross
  14. Santa Maria 2003 (Almighty Mix) – Tatjana
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