The Best of Thunderpuss

Album artwork for the Best of Thunderpuss Mix

Thunderpuss was the (mainly dance) remix/production team of music producers Barry Harris and Chris Cox. Harris had previously worked as part of several music groups including Kon Kan, Top Kat, Killer Bunnies and Outta Control and had also released several singles himself. Cox, a musician and DJ, had also worked for years as a DJ and producer, producing a megamix of Paula Abdul songs, among other things, and started his own record label, Interhit Records, with Jeff Johnson.

As an American production team, Thunderpuss created music which lent itself to a tribal theme, as aposed to European dance music with arrangements similar to ‘Pop’ (a 4/4 beat).

Over the course of almost six years, Thunderpuss were in demand as remixers, their first work together being a remix of Billie Myers’ “Kiss The Rain” in 1998. Their breakout success was a hit re-working of It’s Not Right but It’s Okay by Whitney Houston. This was quickly followed by a remix of Sexual (La Di Di) by Amber, a hit in 1999. Other artists who received the remix treatment included Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

(I lost the tracklisting!!)

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