The Best of Wayne G – Part 1

The Best of Wayne G

Wayne G mix artwork

I’m sure no introduction is needed, but for the few that have hidden on the moon for the last decade, Wayne G is an international DJ and producer from the UK. Instantly recognisable for big room bass lines and euphoric riffs, you’ll feel ultimately satisfied with this awesome megamix.

Making his name at the infamous London Superclub Heaven, Wayne has become a globe-trotting circuit party DJ and one of the most in-demand names for uplifting house remixes and productions. Playing huge festivals all over the world including Sydney Mardi Gras (5 times), Sydney Harbour Party (3 times), Sydney Gay Games, Berlin Love Parade, World Pride and many more.
Over the last year his travels have taken him to clubs globally from Mexico City to New Mexico, from Sydney to Shanghai, from Johannesburg to Juneau and from London to Lima. Wayne is also a resident on the Atlantis cruises.

Wayne G - Mr Blue Lips Mix - artwork by Hans

Thanks to Hans at for his initial suggestion and input on this mix.

Averse to categorization in any one particular musical style, Wayne’s taste seems to match mine, almost to a T. Taking crowds on a musical journey starting with house, anthemic vocal house and bringing the energy, percussive beats and the uplifting infectious riffs seamlessly together to create a melodic high energy journey. His sets are notorious for being filled with his own productions, many of which remain unheard unless you get to experience on of his marathon sets – and some for the first time, available here. From the 150bpm Hard House sounds of the raves to the funky house sounds of classic house. He is a DJ/Producer that has no boundaries and no limits.

Often collaborating with other producers, it’s been known for Wayne to work with LFB, Porl Young, Andy Allder, Almighty, Moto Blanco, 7th Heaven and Jon Musgrave (Club Junkies). What isn’t general public knowledge is that Wayne doesn’t often step foot in the studio, laying out his proposal and letting others create the music for him.

Initially planned as a one-off megamix, I wanted to create a set that included just my favourite Wayne G tracks, but as there seems to be so many you can be sure to have another installment very soon!

Track listing:

  1. Wide Awake (Wayne G & LFB Club Mix) – Katy Perry
  2. Since You Been Gone (Wayne G Mix) – Kelly Clarkson
  3. Viva La Vida (Wayne G & Andy Allder Mix) – Cinnamon Feat. Alisha King
  4. Midnight (Wayne G & Andy Allder Atlantis Mix) – Funky G ft Shauna Jensen
  5. Edge Of Glory (Wayne G & Andy Allder Mix) – Lady Gaga
  6. This Kiss (Wayne G & LFB Anthem Mix) – Carly Rae Jepsen
  7. When You’re Gone (Wayne G & Andy Allder T Dance Mix) – Jackie ‘O’
  8. A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot (Wayne G & Andy Allder Atlantis Mix) – Erasure
  9. Shout (Wayne G Mix) – Tears For Fears
  10. Baker Street (Wayne G Mix) – The Fierce Collective Feat Peyton
  11. Bloodstained Heart (Wayne G Club Mix) – Darren Hayes
  12. Love Hangover (Wayne G Mardi Gras Mix) – Darren Hayes
  13. Ur The Best Thing (Wayne G Mix) – Peyton
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