Valentines Club Mix

Valentines Club Mix

Valentines Club MixLove and heartache is the theme, in anticipation of February 14th. A mesmerizing collection of upbeat euphoric anthems and dance-pop beats.

There are plenty of old favorites included in this Valentines Club DJ mix set with big name remixers to boot. Uplifting anthems from Siobhan Dillon and a Digital Dog version of All Time Low from The Wanted.

Of course a Valentines mix wouldn’t complete without Jar of Hearts. There’s also a Dash Berlin version of the track which is worth checking out, but I think the Almighty Club Mix just pips it to the post.

One of my all time favorite tracks is the Funk3d mix of Grenade by Bruno Mars. It’s a shame Funk3d seems to have gone a bit too ‘electro’ as of late, as this track shows Ben is more than capable of creating a high energy dance anthem.

Summer Lie by Eliza G was a nightmare to mix, but totally worth including. It’s a powerful anthem and very fitting in this mix. If you like what you hear regularly from Mr Blue Lips, then you’ll love this one!

Various Almighty classics are including, but only the best. Someone Like You, To Love You More (which hasn’t been featured on Mr Blue Lips before) and a track that means something special to me, I Love You Always Forever. It’s an electrifying combination.

Finishing with a Diana Ross house classic produced for Almighty by Jon Dixon. This is one of the best Almighty tracks ever made. I remember being in a nightclub in Manchester at 4am and the DJ played this. Sublime.

If you haven’t got a date this Valentines day, don’t worry… Just think of all the discount chocolates you can buy on February 15th. Win-win!

Track listing:

  1. Unfaithful (Maurice Joshua’s Nu Soul Mix) – Rihanna
  2. Powerless – Siobhan Dillon
  3. Still Into You (Dark Intensity Mix) – Paramore
  4. Cry Me Out (Desert Eagle Discs Club Mix) – Pixie Lott
  5. All Time Low (Digital Dog Club Mix) – The Wanted
  6. Jar of hearts (Almighty Club Mix) – Belle Lawrence
  7. Grenade (Funk3d Pop Club Mix) – Bruno Mars
  8. Summer Lie (Love 90s Extended Mix) – Eliza G
  9. Midnight (Wayne G & Andy Allder Atlantis Anthem Mix) – Matt Consola Feat. Brenda Reed
  10. Someone Like You (Almighty ‘Up’ Club Mix) – Almighty Girls
  11. To Love You More (Almighty Definitive Mix) – Rapport Ft. Rochelle
  12. I Love You Always Forever (Almighty Definitive Mix) – Rochell
  13. Song For The Lonely (Almighty Mix) – Cher
  14. Touch Me In The Morning (12″ Almighty Mix) – Diana Ross
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